Scheduling: What Happens Next?

ADR Agreement

A note about conflicts

Requesting an ADR session indicates that the parties (directly or through counsel or other representatives) have conferred and agreed to use BDRS and Michael Pezza, have disclosed any prior relationships or work with Michael, and have agreed to waive any potential conflicts based upon any of their prior relationships or work with Michael.

After submitting an online request, you will receive an email
acknowledging your booking request.  

Assuming that you have submitted sufficient preliminary information, BDRS
will then email an appropriate ADR agreement to each party’s counsel
or other designated representative.  Disclosures about prior relationships
with, or work for, any party or counsel will be made by BDRS in that email.


A session is fully confirmed upon receipt by BDRS of (1) the signed
ADR agreement (which may be submitted in counterparts) and
(2) payment of the fee due from each party.

Preliminary discussions

As part of the BDRS intake process, Michael will speak by
telephone with each party’s counsel or other designated
representative, usually after receipt by BDRS of the signed
agreement and fees.  Such discussions focus on the process, but
also provide an opportunity for each party to identify key issues
or anticipated hurdles, and to raise other concerns or ask questions.  

Parties or their counsel or other representatives are, of course, 
invited to contact Michael at any time with questions.