Case Evaluation


Case evaluation is a voluntary, confidential, and informal process where parties present their cases to a neutral third party for feedback as to the strengths and weakness of their positions. This process
is sometimes referred to as directive mediation.

Parties typically submit written statements about their cases, including
copies or summaries of key pleadings and discovery, and make oral presentations
to the case evaluator.  Sensitive information or trial strategies can be
communicated privately to the case evaluator.

The case evaluator will render a non-binding opinion—either
orally or sometimes in writing.

Please see the Case Evaluation Process at BDRS for detailed
information regarding written submissions, the conciliator's
role, how sessions are conducted, and confidentiality.

Please see Principles of Mediation for a summary of the
principles of mediation followed at BDRS—including the
confidential nature of the sessions.